About Joan 

Joan is just a simple  and patient gal,  I have enjoyed  campus  eversince  I joined it,  I have made friends  and had lots of fun,  I have done mob  crazy  things  that I have never thought  of doing,  I love the fact that am here and am worth being here after the struggle  and sacrifices  that I made. Am worth  being here

  • My hobbies
  • I love hanging  around with my friends,  they have me  peace,  I like bring alone because  I prefer having  a peace  of mind. 😍  Swimming is my thing  too,  in water is where I feel  peace. I feel free with my friends,  they truly  make me happy  all day.
  • About my family 
  • I love my family  so very much,  and they love me back,  I feel peaceful  with them because  they  are making  me who am sipping to be in future,  the have prepared me for the future,  am now ready to face any  thing  and I can now stand alone,  make my own  decisions,  am just happy  to be me.
  • Me and my big sister A little  fun  with big sister About campus
  • Oh my God,  life at campus  is absolutely amazing,  everything  is so beautiful,  the environment  is so welcoming, campus is fun,  I can’t say more more  than  that,   Just  spot me with my  friends  in for a lecture That is us, 
  • The negative  part of being at campus  is there is alot  of hustling,  too much expenses so it is up-to you,  a lot  of freedom,  you  either use it well or misuse  it,  life is a journey
  • My dislikes 
  • When  someone  I hate speaks infront of me,  trust me I can be very calm but in my mind,  I have him or her more than four  times 😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😘 but that is life,   I hate people  who don’t  want to accept  what they  are Just me,  simple smile  cannt  kill anyone